This image was originally an iPhone shot. I was out for an evening stroll in the Gas Light Quarter of San Diego. From the building came the sounds of a party. I stopped briefly, mesmerized by the sounds in the night air. I could see no party, but was so intimidated to be watching that I took a shot of the building and walked on.  Later, I committed the scene to art. I tried to capture all the different worlds set in each apartment floor by floor. It is ink on paper 8x12. I'm working a version on canvas as a 16x20 at $599. Contact me at Friday Night Art for info.

Shrimp Boats in Art at Port Isabel, Texas

On the Port Isabel side of the causeway from South Padre Island, stands an inlet where shrimp boats can dock. Fish and shrimp can be unloaded and the fishermen can take a break from being out at sea.
This image is called repairing the nets. I use inks as watercolors, this one on canvas. I also applied this to a sheet of aluminum and it looks fantastic. I buff the aluminum, and apply a wall hanger back so the art can be hung on the wall in your office. I paint it with a white base coat to make the art pop. Then I apply inks that can soak to the metal and bake at about 400ยบ. The result is a permanent adhesion to the metal.
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Twilight in Washington, DC found me near an office building. As the sun goes down, the reflections from the glass dwindle and the people on the street can now see into the office.

It has become a fishbowl of people caught between the last meeting and going home for all to see from the street. I found the colors stunning.

I've created a 20x24 Ink on metal. It comes ready to hang at $799 plus shipping.

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Red Robin Flour Mill in Ponca City

No matter how urban and modern our cities become, the original titans remain. The mill in Ponca City is a good example. It's concrete structure, perhaps six stories high, is a constant reminder of when our farmland was king. The grains that built America have come and gone from these storage giants for decades. Trains stop and fill their grain cars. The diesels then lug their load to the cities where bakeries wait for the grain.
This image began with an iPhone photograph. This gives me a memory of how the original scene looked. It is a part of my method in making the art. From there, the media became my expressionism and printed in ink on canvas. I use heirloom canvas and archival inks mixing 8 colors.
My work is for sale and a great investment that you would enjoy seeing in your office daily.
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Yukon's Best Flour - Oklahoma Mill

Yukon's Best is a flour mill in Yukon Oklahoma. It dominates the street near the main drag in old downtown. Grain mills like this once anchored small towns in farming communities. Grains could be brought to the mills and stored before rail road transit to the big cities. Their existence allowed community growth.

20x30 ink on metal. $799 plus shipping. Contact in Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma City From the Bridge

Oklahoma City From the Bridge was from an early discovery ride with Sylvia after we moved to town. The city skyline came into view and within a few hundred feet I had the car stopped to take it in. I loved how the color of the Classen Building (Devon Energy Center) mimicked the colors of the sky, and the foreground was the earth (or at least it's color).
I use the iPhone image of the OKC skyline as a study before making the art. I moved the media to ink applied to canvas. I think it would be strong in a aluminum sheet (haven't done that one yet.).
This is a 20x30 ink on canvas at $1299. Good look for your wall behind your desk! I had a very boring wall in my new place. This really changed everything! The minute I walk into the room a smile hits me!
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This ink on metal of the Oklahoma City skyline was inspired by my iPhone capture of OKC in morning light.  The process includes heat…